Unorthodox by Leo


Presentation: The pomade comes in a clear plastic container with a silver top. It has a nice brown shaded label at the top and around the container. Their logo is very classy, it’s a lion with his mane nicely combed. The lion also has a well groomed beard and is wearing nice dress attire. As for the font, it has a nice sophisticated vibe, especially the cursive phrase on the side. The phrase says, “redefining handsome,” which makes the pomade appear more sophisticated. My first thought was “wearing this pomade is going to make people look like stud muffins.” The color of the pomade is a glossy white color. It appears to be an easy application.

Scent: This pomade has a wonderful scent! Their website indicated that the scent is ocean breeze. That is accurate, the pomade has a refreshing oceanic breeze scent. The great thing about it is that it not overpowering. The scent doesn’t fade right away, but the smell is not too strong.

Application: The texture of this pomade is very soft and creamy. It feels like you are scooping lotion out of a jar. Breaking down the product in your palms is a breeze. The texture of the pomade makes it so much easier to apply to your hair. However, because this is a white colored pomade, make sure to apply it evenly in your hair. I have dark hair and I felt I really needed to guide my hands through my hair a couple of times to remove any of the white coloring left behind. The container does indicate to use the pomade on dry hair only. I used the pomade on damp hair and it worked out perfectly anyway. I do recommend you do not apply too much product on your sides, it may get sticky or harden unpleasantly. Overall the application was easy for me and it held fine.

Control: The pomade was easy to control, there was not any difficulty with combing and styling the hair. The pomade didn’t dry up quickly, it only takes a few moments of waiting time till the pomade settles in. I did enjoy how it can be controlled even after the pomade hardens. I want to clarify that this is an unorthodox water based pomade. The texture is soft like an oil based, but once styled it has the strong characteristics of a water based. I had to wet comb it a bit for restyling, but the control was still as good as the first application in the morning.

Slickness: Regardless if the container indicated that the pomade be used only on dry hair, the slickness was excellent. I used it with damp hair and it was able to maintain my style throughout the day. There was not a hair out of place and really this pomade has so many characteristics of a water based pomade as oppose to a oil based. Even after restyling my hair, the pomade was able to maintain the style. There was also a great shine. It lasted for a few hours and the smell, though it wasn’t strong, can be smelled from time to time throughout the day.

Strength: The pomade has great strength! This is a medium/strong hold according to their website. I did feel it had a little more strength than a basic medium. The reason is because once the pomade sets in your hair, it hardens it stays that way! Unless you choose to restyle the hair, otherwise this pomade has you covered for the whole day.

Rinseability & Buildup Quality: The pomade rinses off mostly with water, but there is still some product left in the hair. What is convenient is that one wash with shampoo and it does come off easily. You can wash your hair twice, if you added a lot of product, but I found once was enough. There is not a strong buildup for this product, because it is an unorthodox water based. The next day I used about the same amount of product.

Cost: This is an international product from Singapore. The cost is SGD 35 with a standard international cost of SGD 9. To translate these changes in US dollars, the grand total comes out to $34.83 including shipping. The container holds 110g, it converts to approximately 3.5 oz. That is a pretty high price for international buyers to buy. I do however, understand the pricing as it is a home brewed item from Singapore.

Final Verdict: I will rate this pomade a 9/10. This is a solid product, felt very comfortable using it and the application was very easy. I am not sure why they only recommend you apply it to dry hair. I used it with damp hair and it worked out marvelously. The container looks classy and the quotation “redefining handsome,” matches their well groomed lion. The scent of the pomade is a subtle refreshing ocean breeze which is pleasant. The pomade contains mineral and essential oils as well as vitamin E. This makes the hair feel nice. However, the cost is high, not a lot of people may be able to afford to pay 35 dollars. If you have the budget for it, I do recommend it, because it is a solid product and it worth trying.


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